How Veterans Disguise Themselves to New Players

How Veterans Disguise Themselves to New Players

Have you ever encountered another player who appeared normal but played as if they trained a millennium for this one moment? They often blend in with other seemingly low-level players. They haven’t leveled up very high. They aren’t decked out in amazing gear. Then suddenly, they pull some sweaty maneuver you have never seen before. They seem to move effortlessly from point to point and seem to be able to know what you’re doing before you even think of it. Despite their innocent appearance, there is a very high likelihood that they are far from a beginner. You may have encountered one of the classic methods pros use to crush unsuspecting players. This tactic is casually referred to as “smurfing.”

The odd name comes from two famously skilled Warcraft II players who had become so proficient at the game that they were having trouble finding any competition! They were so formidable that, when their names were recognized, their opponents would leave for a new match. To continue with their reign of terror, these two players acquired alternate accounts and adopted the names “Papasmurf” and “Smurfette.” From there on, their deceptive tactics were copied and pasted any time a skilled player of any game was having trouble finding challengers. The practice became known as “smurfing” obviously because of the chosen alias of the originators. The term lives on to this day and is most common in the online gaming community, mostly in the MMO niche. You will most likely encounter this regardless of preparation. Don’t worry, it’s just part of the hazing process. Read on buy lol account for more details.

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